Adam can now walk



Adam, at the age of 3 months

Adam, a 3 years old boy was born with Down Syndrome. He just started to walk last 6 month. Until now he’s still with wobbling gait. At age of 4 months, he went through a very tough situation that his chance to live was only 50-50. After all treatments were done, fortunately he survive.


Adam undergoing hydrotherapy

At age of 7 months, his mother registered him with YOKUK. He went through all the services that was provided by YOKUK, such as Individual Therapy, Hippotherapy and Hydrotherapy intensively and regularly. Among all the therapy, he love hydrotherapy very much. During the first time he went into the swimming pool he cried and struggled to get out.  After 3 months of intensive hydrotherapy he was able to swim with very minimal assistance. Their parents are greatful  and currently they take Adam to the swimming pool by themselves.

After a few sessions with YOKUK, the mother was able to carry out the therapy by herself.

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