Therapy Services

Individual Therapy

For clients who seek independence in self-management and self-reliance in their day-to-day activities, we offer individual therapy services, performed by occupational therapists and physiotherapists.


Also known as aquatic therapy, it is a series of gentle exercises carried out in a heated pool. The buoyancy of the water supports much of the body weight, reducing joint loading and impact; while the resistance of the water helps to strengthen the muscles. The warmth increases circulation and reduces muscle spasms and helps to relieve the pain.

Music, Arts and Drama (MAD) Therapy

In music therapy, individuals can participate in music making or choose to listen – or both. Therapeutic experiences may include songwriting, musical performances, vocals or music enhancements.

In art therapy, participants can express themselves creatively as they deal with stress, sadness and loss. It can also provide insight into emotions and encouraging communication between loved ones.


This is a form of therapy that involves the use of horses in rehabilitation. Horse therapy helps to boost self confidence, improve body balance, reduce muscle spasms, and improve focus. It is ideal for clients suffering from stroke, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, ADHD, learning disabilities, and more.

Sensory Therapy

Sensory therapy is used to help children learn to use all their senses together – touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. This therapy can improve difficulties associated with autism, like challenging behaviour or repetitive behaviour.


Palliative Care

In collaboration with local hospitals and the public health services as well as support from corporate sponsors, we provide palliative care services for bedridden individuals who have cerebral palsy, stroke, cancer, and other life limiting illnesses, in their homes. We have several mobile units comprising nurses, physiotherapists, and other health professionals who conduct home visits everyday around town and within rural areas to alleviate the discomfort faced by these patients.


Educational Training

Vocational classes are conducted to provide clients with daily activity and specialised skills to enable them to be more independent and potentially to secure jobs suited to their capabilities.

Classroom training is the first step to provide clients with the basic skills to enter the workforce. Clients will be given training and guidance in some specific areas, which include cooking, sewing, computer classes, and others for free. Classes are managed by instructors who are trained and experienced.


Welfare Services

Home Visits

Through this programme, the YOKUK team assesses the requirements of new clients. In addition, parents and clients will have the opportunity to receive tutoring for daily home exercises.

Mutual Aid

In addition to strengthening the relationship between YOKUK and our clients, cooperative activities such as gotong-royong are undertaken to increase the liveability of our clients’ homes. This can also reduce the risk of environmental conditions, particularly for clients in wheelchairs.

Building Homes

In the past, YOKUK worked together with Habitat for Humanity Malaysia, an organisation that works to eradicate poverty, to build homes for the disabled and underprivileged. Today, YOKUK continues to work together with other sponsors, individuals, and corporates to rebuild houses for the Kelantan community on a need-to basis.

Mobil Penyayang

For clients who have difficulties in terms of transportation, YOKUK provides a disabled-friendly service called Mobil Penyayang, which is equipped with a hydraulic lift for wheelchair users. The service can help clients get treatment at the hospital or run errands and even attending social events.

Karnival YOKUK

YOKUK Karnival is held annually to foster relationships between YOKUK clients, schools with special education classes, the public, and the YOKUK team. Activities include birthday parties for children with special needs, garage sales, musical competitions, performances by local artistes, games, and lucky draws.



YOKUK organises workshops for caregivers and professionals in the various skills such as training in hydrotherapy, hippotherapy, sensory therapy, and so on. These workshops are well-attended by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and teachers from nearby institutions as well as from neighbouring states. We have also organised two biannual Kelantan Palliative Care Conferences which brought many experienced personnel to discuss the various issues affecting their clients.

Wheelchair Workshop

This workshop will provide knowledge in the techniques of handling wheelchairs, body position, and movement of the wheelchair. This can generally help people with disabilities to improve quality of life and independence in daily activities.

Hippotherapy Workshop

A new field in Malaysia, this workshop provides relevant information to promote the benefits of hippotherapy, educates on how to train and control a horse, and demonstrate how the therapy treatment is carried out using horses.

Parent Support Group

Held weekly by the YOKUK team to improve the skills of parents/caregivers as well as to give the parents an opportunity to meet other parents who have similar special needs children. This provides the much-needed emotional support needed as well as sharing of issues that they may share with other parents, which they might not find in their social circles.

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