Music, Art & Drama Therapy for Schools

At YOKUK, Music, Art, and Drama (MAD) therapy is used as one of the modalities in rehabilitative care. Studies have shown that engaging in music and art can reduce pain, help those with stress manage better, promote health, improve memory and communication, aid in physical rehabilitation, and give participants the opportunity to express their feelings through non-verbal communication.

The Special Education Integration Programme of Sekolah Kebangsaan Raja Bahar in Kota Bharu regularly sends students for MAD therapy at our centre. Under this partnership, their programme coordinators and teachers have seen positive improvement in their students. We have also found that the group sessions help students really come out of their shell. Since the introduction of this therapy session, we have been hosting the students for drum circle performances at YOKUK events.

Before, some of their students were not responsive to their teachers and did not engage in class. But after undergoing MAD therapy, their responsiveness has increased and they are able to maintain two-way communication during classes. Those who were hyperactive and unresponsive to instructions during lessons began showing improvements in their attention span. Developments like this can typically be seen after a year of MAD therapy at YOKUK.

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