Palliative Care for Aminkasfi

En. Mohd Aminkasfi is a bedridden patient referred to YOKUK by Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM). Diagnosed with a thalamic haemorrhage, stroke with neurological deficit, and hypertension, he required intensive support, including tubing for oxygen and feeding.

The extent of care for someone in En. Aminkasfi’s condition requires a professional caregiver. Prior to YOKUK’s involvement, he was cared for by his wife, who had no formal training. Now, every two weeks, we perform a physical examination to check his blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, and respiratory tract to ensure that he is generally in good health. When his breathing is affected, we perform phlegm suction via a tracheostomy while simultaneously training his wife in this procedure.

In addition, we guided her in learning the best way to clean and bathe him as well as the correct method of tube feeding. The team also taught her the importance of changing En. Aminkasfi’s position to prevent pressure sores and promote blood circulation. Now, she regularly helps him with passive exercises to prevent bone joint spasms, increase muscle strength, and increase range of motion.

Most importantly, we provide moral support to the caregiver and in turn, encourage her to continuously communicate with En. Aminkasfi to provide stimulation, which is crucial for a completely bedridden patient.

Since we began our visits, he has been able to respond to his wife by moving his fingers. Today, though still bedridden, he is showing a greater range of movement in his hands. His wife regularly arranges for him to attend the Parent Support Group sessions to uplift his confidence and provide him the opportunity to meet other clients.

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